Interviewer: What training have you had on the job or before the job?

Jennifer: Yeah, they have to give you training before you get into work – it is called, generally it is called NVQ. There is level 1 and level 2.  NVQ, it includes the manual handling, induction training, er I’m not sure whether medicine is part of NVQ but there is also medicine level 1 and level 2, so I did medicine level 1 and 2 and induction training and manual handling.

Interviewer: And where do you hope to develop your career in care?

Jennifer: Yeah, much interested in that since it is my dream, so I have a feeling, I have… I feel that I should work on it for my dreams to come to pass. I’m planning to go for higher education to improve and to develop it to the way I want it to be.

Interviewer: So where would you be in three or four years’ time do you think

Jennifer: Four years ago I’m dreaming to be a nurse.  I’m just dreaming. I use dreaming because I don’t know.  Dreaming is dreaming something that you don’t know it to come to pass.  So, I’m dreaming to be a nurse in four years.

Interviewer: And what will your next step be?

Jennifer: My next step is er – I’m planning to go to have access to health and care course then after there, I’ll see what next.

Interviewer: Great.  Thank you.

Jennifer: You’re welcome.

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