Clip 1

Susana:      Hi Phil It’s Susana.

Phil:              Hello. Are you alright?

Susana:      Yes thanks, there’s a problem with the ladies’ toilets.

Phil:              Which toilets?

Susana:      The ones next to the kitchen. The hand dryer isn’t working.


Clip 2

Rene:           Hi Anna. It’s Rene.

Anna:           Morning. How are you?

Rene:           Not bad, thanks, but there is a problem with the lift.

Anna:           Which lift?

Rene:           The one on the right hand side. It isn’t working.


Clip 3

Susana:      Hi Phil. It’s Susana

Phil:              Hi there. Are you okay?

Susana:      I’m okay, but there’s a problem with the Hoover.

Phil:              Which Hoover?

Susana:      The one for the main reception. It isn’t working.


Clip 4

Rene:           Hi Anna. It’s Rene.

Anna:           Rene!  How are you getting on?

Rene:           Terrible! I’m outside. I can’t get in. There’s a problem with the door.

Susana:       Which door?

Rene.           The main one. The intercom isn’t working.

What problems do you think cleaners have at work? Here you watch some videos, listen to what Susana and Rene say and practise making sentences for reporting problems.

Video 1 - Susana

Video 2 - Rene

Video 3 - Susana

Video 4 - Rene


Task 1 - four problems