Susana:           Excuse me. Can you help me please? 

Phil:                 Yes, of course.

Susana:           What does this sign mean?

Phil:                 Oh yes, the cross.  Well, it means that it can irritate your skin, you know, make it feel itchy or cause a rash.  It can also make it difficult to breathe.  If this happens, always tell your supervisor and go and see your doctor.

Susana:           Thanks.  Now I know.

Susana::          And can you tell me what this sign means?

Phil:                 Oh yes, the one with the flame.  It means that the product is dangerous because the chemicals in it can cause a fire.  So never use it near heat, fire or electric sockets.

Susana:           Sockets?

Phil:                 Yes, where you put the plug in.

Susana:           So I must keep it away from candles, or someone smoking a cigarette and things like that?

Phil:                 Yes, you’ve got it.

Susana:           And what does this sign mean?

Phil:                 Well, see these drops of liquid?  That’s the cleaning liquid and it’s falling onto a table here and someone’s hand here.  If this happens it can burn a hole in the table or in your skin. 

Susana:            So it’s very harmful then?

Phil:                 Yes, the chemicals are really strong.  Always be very careful when you use it and always wear thick gloves.  And also never pour it into another bottle or container. 

Susana:            OK.  Thanks for your help.

Phil:                You’re welcome. 

Have you seen orange symbols on chemicals that you use at work? In this resource you will hear Phil explaining to Susana what the different symbols mean. You will practice reading the symbols and language related the dangers of these chemicals.


Task 1 - taking action