Anna:            Hi I’m making an order. Have you got enough products, for next week?

Rene:            I’m not sure

Anna:            Can you check?

Anna:           How about toilet rolls; are there any toilet rolls?

Rene:           No, there aren’t.

Anna:           None at all?

Rene:           No. None.

Anna:           Are there any lemon blocks for the urinals?

Rene:           Yes, there are.

Anna:           Good. How many?

Rene:           There’s one tub left.

Anna:           Are there any hand towels?

Rene:           Yes. There are some here.

Anna:           How many?

Rene:           Let me check, I’m not sure exactly. There are some cases in the storeroom.

Anna:           Is there any multipurpose cleaner?

Rene:           Yes, there is.

Anna:           How much?

Rene:           Four bottles

Anna:           Is there any floor polish?

Rene:           No. There isn’t any.

Anna::          Did you finish it today?

Rene:           Yes.

Anna:           Ok, Is there any hand soap?

Rene:           Yes. There is.

Anna:           How much?

Rene:           Two bottles. 

Do you have to take stock or order new products at work? In this resource you will listen to Rene and Anna checking their stock, you will also practice the grammar used for asking questions about this.


Task 1 - are there any?

Task 2 - how much? how many?