Er, what you should do is carry on in volunteering in one of the Oxfam shop, and then apply as soon as possible for an internship in a shop, so you can get more experience.  And whenever, I mean, there are many many possibilities, whenever a position is coming up you can start to apply.  And then you will see, anyway, if you have an interview, is already something, because, you know, you can practice.  But what you need is practice and experience in retail, which I think would be the good first step, do something like that.

And if you really want, sooner or later, something, and if you are good in that, something is coming up for sure, because there are a million of shops.  They open shops, so, and then someone else leaves, someone else comes.  There is always the possibility to do it, yeah.

I mean, any qualification is good. But, the most important thing, (and) you really believe in it, and you really like to doing it, you like people, you like, you know, donation, shops. So, that’s the most important thing, that any qualification is something plus and is always good.

Would you like to work in a shop? In this activity a shop manager, Angela, gives advice on getting a job in retail and how to develop your career.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - vocabulary

Task 3 - sentence-matching

In this activity you will listen to how Angela tells us that something is important. 

Task 4 - infinitive or -ing

Do you know when to use ‘do’, ‘to do’ and ‘doing’? In this exercise you can practise your grammar.