Vacuum cleaner


T          So hello and thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. So can I start by asking your name?

L          Yeah, my name is Laura.

T          Laura- and where are you from, Laura?

L          I am from Ecuador.

T          Ecuador - And how long have you been in the UK?

L          I’ve been in this country nearly three years.

T          Three years – and what do you do in the UK?

L          I’m working as a cleaner.

T          OK – and did you do the same job in your home country in Ecuador?

L          No, I left my country 13 years ago – I was living in Spain.  I did the same job in Spain.

T          Ah, OK – and it’s the same language?

L          Yeah.

T          So, that’s good.  Mm, so you’re a self-employed cleaner?

L          Yeah, I’m self-employed.

T          So how long have you been self-employed?

L          Two years.

T          And why did you want to be self-employed?

L          Um, I can own my hours and can share my time with my family, my kids, my husband.

T          Ah, that’s good.  So you can do your hours around your family?

L          Yeah.

T          Yeah, that’s really good.  So did you receive any advice or help before becoming self-employed?

L          Um, in this country no – but I received in Spain, I know how this working, and…

Laura talks about what it’s really like to be a self-employed domestic cleaner in the UK. She talks about her job, what is involved and why she is a self-employed cleaner. 


Task 1 - first listening

Here is a summary of what Laura says but there are some mistakes!  Rewrite the correct sentence in the white box. You must use the correct punctuation and spacing between words.

Task 2 - second listening

Here are some of the questions the interviewer asks Laura. Match the two halves of the question.