1. Shashwati

I’m a volunteer here at Oxfam, and I think the first thing that comes to my mind is sorting out donations, and even sending stuff that is not suitable for selling to the recycling places and cleaning the products and putting out on shelves and the basic cashing up and working at the till.

2. Eszter

Well, we here at Oxfam shops basically do everything, every single part of the shop operation. I started working at Oxfam two or three months ago. At the beginning I was working on the till and my main responsibilities were interacting and help with the customers, and helping the customers, explaining them our Gift Aid scheme and operating the till, keeping the shop floor tidy and fulfilled. After that I moved to the background area, which mainly involves sorting out the donations, steaming the clothes, pricing the goods, and generally just preparing all the incoming donations for being ready for putting out onto the shop floor.

Voluntary work is a good way to practise your English and get work experience in the UK.   Eszter and Shashwati talk about their work in a charity shop.  Practise your listening skills as they talk about their work and what is involved.  Listen to Eszter and Shashwati talking about the work they do in a charity shop and complete the three activities. 


Task 1 - comprehension

Listen to Eszter and Shashwati talking about the different jobs they do in the charity shop. When you have finished listening, complete the activity below. You can listen again if you need to.

Task 2 - jobs in a charity shop

Look at the different jobs that Eszter does in the charity shop and divide them into the two columns: jobs Eszter does on the ‘shop floor’ OR jobs she does in the back of the shop.

Task 3 - gap-fill

Listen again to Eszter talking about her work in the charity shop. When you have listened complete the text by filling in the gaps to show what she says.