Hello, today I'm in the kitchen and I'm going to make shortbread biscuits. These are traditional in Scotland and all over the UK at Christmas and they're really nice at any time of the year.

We've got a rolling pin, a wooden spoon, a baking tray to put them on when we cook them. We've got four ounces of butter, two ounces of caster sugar and six ounces of plain flour and that's all we need.

First thing, put the sugar in with the butter and mix it all up with a wooden spoon. Obviously we can do this in the mixer but it'll make a terrible noise and upset everybody. You have to ... whoops, that makes a terrible noise as well. OK mix the butter and the sugar. It is quite nicely mixed now.

When you've finished mixing the butter and the sugar you need to stir in the flour. I'll do that with a metal spoon not the wooden spoon. So, stir in the flour a little at a time, put a bit more in. These biscuits are really easy to make so they are quite good to make with children and they're very nice to eat with tea or coffee. Stir in a bit more.

Right so now I've stirred in all the flour now I need to squeeze it all together with my hands so it makes a kind of sticky dough. Tip it all out because we don't want to waste any. Squeeze them all together. Don't use your hands too much. OK I'm going to use a bit of sugar to stop it sticking to the rolling pin.

OK, now roll out the dough, "gently bently". Now roll out the dough, look it's sticking even though I put sugar on it, it's still sticking, whoops! So you roll out the dough to the thickness that you want your biscuits to be, so that depends a little bit on you, how thick you want your biscuits to be. If they're thin they go quite crispy and if they're a bit thicker, they are more bready. What do you want them to be?

OK I now need to cut them into shapes. OK I've got a cutter. You just squeeze down and plop them on the baking tray and cut and plop, cut and plop and then obviously you are going to try and make as many as possible.

OK now I'll put the oven on. Put the oven on at a hundred and ninety to be warming and oops! and oops again! Put the biscuits in the fridge for twenty minutes. I don't know why but you have to put them in for twenty minutes.

So now the biscuits have rested for twenty minutes, put them in the oven and leave them for fifteen to twenty minutes depending on how brown you want them to be. OK it's been fifteen minutes, my pinger is about to go any minute. Let's see what they look like. I think they're perfect, what do you think? Don't eat them yet. Wait until they've cooled.

Ingredients for shortbread biscuits

4 ounces (115 grams) butter

2 ounces (55 grams) caster sugar

6 ounces (170 grams) plain flour

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