Teachers talking at a conference


I live in Stroud, a small town in the south west of England. I love living here because although it’s small, it’s very interesting and lively, with plenty happening, but with all of the benefits of living in the countryside.

There’s a nice town centre which is calm and safe for people to walk around as you can’t drive on most of the streets. The town centre has some of the normal shops you find in any town in Britain, and there are also lots of local independent shops – a butcher’s, a baker’s, a few clothes shops, and some shops which I call dangerous because it’s very easy to spend a lot of money in them! These shops are actually very useful for finding presents in.  The best one is called ‘Seren’ – it sells hand-made products from all over the world.

Probably the best thing about the town is Saturday mornings, as there’s a farmer’s market then. The market is in the town centre. It’s been voted the best one in England! The market is always popular, and it’s a great place to meet friends. The stalls sell local food, drink and crafts, and there are often buskers playing music there. I often have breakfast or just a cup of coffee in a café with friends.

The countryside surrounding the town is very pretty and quite hilly. You can walk from town over the hill to the local ice cream factory which sells the most delicious ice cream. They even sell a Christmas cake flavoured ice cream in winter!

In this lesson you are going to listen to Penny talking about the town she lives in. The focus of the lesson is articles.

Before you listen, think about these questions:

  • Where do you live?
  • What do you like about living in your village, town or city?

You’re going to hear Penny talking about the town she lives in, Stroud. Check you know the meaning of the following words. What do you think she’s going to say about them?

  • farmers’ market
  • crafts
  • buskers
  • lively