Hi. Do you watch much TV? I do. I watch quite a lot of TV, actually, 3 or 4 hours every evening. What kind of programmes do you like? I'm quite interested in wildlife programmes but I find programmes about antiques and family history quite boring, although I know a lot of people are interested in them.

I like exciting crime thrillers with lots of action and a strong story line, but I don't like horror films because I don't want to be frightened just before I go to bed, because I'll just have bad dreams all night.

What about you? What's your favourite TV programme?

Watch the video of Anne talking about what she likes watching on TV, then answer the questions. The language focus is passive and active adjectives like 'interested' and 'interesting'.


Task 1 - preparation

Before you watch the video, think about the kinds of TV programmes you watch. Then do the vocabulary exercise.

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - gap-fill

Type the correct form of these verbs into the spaces. 

Make the verbs into adjectives ending with - ing or -ed.

  • interest
  • bore
  • frighten
  • excite