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I want to talk about my son. My son is now one year and eight months old, has brought enormous happiness to our family although my wife, my parent-in-laws always complain about how tiring it is to look after him. 
He is really cute and adorable. He can now speak some very simple words such as papa, mama, but he can understand quite a lot of things although he can’t, cannot express himself verbally, for example, he can recognise the personal belongings of each family members (member), such as my T-shirt, the eye-glasses (glasses) of grandpa or my wife’s bag, etc. He also firmly protects his own personal belongings, such as his little chair on which he sits for meals. He will drive you away if you attempt to sit on his chair.
I am always amazed how fast he can learn things and how good his memory is. He can instantly learn something (some) funny gestures on TV programmes, for example we found out that as he walked, he kicked his legs and feet tied, and then we recalled it was because he watched the national parade in Tiananmen Square on the National Day. And he also learnt some gestures like kung-fu after watching the gymnastics in sports programmes. 
I always believe that parents are the first and best teachers for children. I have a lot of friends, also new parent (parents), they bought, they pay for their kids’ very expensive course – some pre-school course (courses). I believe that you need to nurture and brought (bring) up your children with your heart and love, so every weekend, my wife and I will take him to parks because I live very close to the zoo, the Guangzhou Zoo so I often take him to the Zoo and show him the animals. He always loves that - watching all kinds of animals. 
I also want to do some experiments. I want to see how children learn language so I try to teach him bilingually (in a bilingual way), so I teach him to say some words in English and then in Mandarin. And now he can understand quite a lot of instructions, for example, if I ask him, ‘where is your bike?’ and he’ll run to his bike and show his bike. And if I ask him, ‘where is the moon?’ and then he will point his finger up into (to) the sky so I think he is quite funny. And I also hope that if he can learn English at a very young age and he will not suffer too much when he studies at school. 
I think a child can bring enormous happiness to the family and to my life. I now always feel joy and peaceful while I am with him, so my favourite time-killing is to play with him after meal, after work so I always can forget all about the frustrations and sometimes unhappiness in work and feel fully 'recharged'. I have now learnt strong family values after bringing up my son and I understand how difficult it is to be (a) parent so I now try to call my parents whenever I have the time, take them out to dinner or try to visit them during the weekends…erm, so I think it’s great to be (a) parent.

Listen to Ron talking about his young son and how this new member of the family has changed how his life.


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