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OK.  Well I wanna talk about vinyl.  Hmm…why well I’m sat here which you can’t see, but I’m sat here holding a new record.  Everyone just laughed at me because I still buy vinyl records.  Not very often but if I can get them I buy them.  Everyone laughs because I've got CDs, we got MP3s, we've got this, we've got that, we download, why do you still buy vinyl?  Hmm…well one reason is the sound.  If you’ve got a good record player, nothing, but nothing sounds as good as vinyl.  Hmm…MP3s, they've got this awful tinny, strangulated sound where kind of the bass, the space is missing.   So I'm kinda sat here, waving my vinyl record at the microphone.  Hmm…I'll have to wait a while to play it 'cause I don’t have a record player.  But there you go, when I hear it, it will be worth it. 

Hmm….I’ve always bought records, and I really like music.  All my early records were in vinyl.  And one of the things I like when I get them out of the boxes at home is, there is a thing there.  There’s a big picture, you can look at it, you open it out.You download something it’s just come and gone.  I think for a lot of people now music isn’t as special as it was say when I was younger, which was quite a long time ago.  So people in the 60s and the 70s and in the 80s.  Hmm…music was just really special.  You'd go to the shop and you'd have to save up to buy your record because they were quite expensive.  So you didn’t download hundreds and hundreds of tracks one after the other.  You'd maybe buy... from school with saved dinner money or do little jobs.  And then maybe once a month, you could kind of go into town, find a good record shop.  One that would let you listen to the records, you listen to two or three records in the shop.  Have a think, have a talk with the shop assistant, and then you make your purchase. 

Really exciting you'd get this, maybe I need to explain because for younger people, you got this big vinyl record which is about twelve inches across, so you got a big thing to look at.  And when you got it home, open up, and bits inside ….  pictures to look at, little bits of information on the cover, which were like little messages from another world.  Hmm…I was just really special which I got lots of downloads, I’ve got CDs, but, the music’s still great, but they are not special anymore.  It’s like they… they just become, it’s just another product I think for most people it’s just another product.

When we want to listen to music, most of us use CDs or get it from the internet. Jonathan is different. Here he talks about why he prefers vinyl.


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