Sundays are my favourite day. I get up early the rest of the week but on Sundays I don’t get up till 9 or 10. I quite often go away at weekends but if I’m at home, I like listening to the radio and phoning family who I haven’t seen for a while.  When I was a child my mum always cooked a roast lunch on Sunday, and if I’m not busy, I like cooking something nice and inviting people round to share it, though it doesn’t have to be a roast.  If it’s good weather, I sometimes go for a walk with a friend and her dog. The dog’s got so much energy that everyone we meet starts smiling. I also love Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield, where you can walk for miles and enjoy seeing art in the middle of a field. On Sunday evenings I usually do boring things like cleaning and getting ready for Monday. 

What do you usually do on Sundays? Listen to this speaker talk about her favourite day, and develop your listening skills. You will be listening for: negatives and positives; weak sounds for vowels (banana).


Task 1 - yes or no?

Task 2 - gap fill

Task 3 - dictation

Now listen and write down the dictation. You can try just the first part of the text if it’s too long. Use the pause button to stop it if you need more time. Check the transcript at the end.