Four students completing applications.

Here are some adverts for part-time jobs for younger people. Read them then try the exercises.

Advert A

Babysitter needed.

We need a babysitter to look after our two boys aged 5 and 7 after school from 4pm - 6pm, Mon-Fri.

£40 a week.

Call Mary on 678345211


Advert B

Newspaper round before school

We need young poeple to deliver newspapers on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings. The paper round takes 30 minutes in the village of Clanbrook. Papers must be delivered before 8am and you must have your own bike.

Interested? Ask for more info at Clanbrook post office.


Advert C

Holiday job

Do you want to earn some extra money this summer?

Do you speak another language?

We need French, Spanish and German speakers to work for us in the City Museum shop Tuesday-Saturday.

Send your CV to citymuseum@shopjob.lkj


Advert D

Munchies Cafe


We are looking for breakfast and lunchtime staff to work in our cafe on Saturdays.

Come in (8am-4pm) or call Bella on 612398745 (after 4pm)



Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - 'have to' or 'don't have to'?