Field on a cloudy day.


This is a photo of a winter scene. There are two people in it and I think they are a father and his son, who have come to the park to build a snowman. They haven’t finished building the snowman yet. They have already rolled a big ball of snow for the body and have put a smaller ball of snow on top, which will be the snowman’s head. The father has just bent down to get more snow. I think he wants to make the body a bit bigger. The little boy is pointing so maybe he’s giving his dad instructions for where to put the snow. Or maybe he’s thinking about where to find sticks for the snowman’s arms, or stones for its eyes. They haven’t put a hat or scarf on the snowman yet and they still need to make its face.

It doesn’t seem to have snowed recently because the snow isn’t completely smooth. It also looks as if like other people have walked across it. The snow is still quite white and soft and hasn’t started to melt yet. I think it is late afternoon because of the long shadows. The sun has already melted the snow on the bare branches of the tall trees. It looks like it is a sunny, chilly day because the sky is so clear and blue. They have both come out wearing warm winter clothes and woolly hats and the father is wearing black gloves. However, I don’t think they are freezing cold because the boy has taken his mittens off and his dad has his coat undone. It might be the first time that the little boy has ever seen the snow. His dad looks happy to be out with him and they both seem very involved in their game of building a snowman.

In these activities you will learn a range of adjectives for describing a picture that has been taken outside, such as a winter scene. You will also practise the present perfect so that you can say what has happened before the photo was taken. Listen to a description of a photograph of a winter’s day.


Task 1 - adjectives

Task 2 - true or false

Task 3 - matching sentences

Task 4 - time adverbs with present perfect

Task 5 - describing a similar picture

Use the language you have learned to describe a similar picture that you can find.

Think about the following questions to help you:

  • What has already happened in the photo? What is happening now?
  • What time of day do you think it is?
  • Describe the weather, how cold you think it is and what the people are doing and wearing.
You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.