I live at number 15, Main Street. I have lots of lovely neighbours. They are friendly and helpful. I have three next-door neighbours – Aisha lives at number 13 and Claire and Helen live at number 17. Every morning, Claire and I leave for work at the same time, and we always have a quick chat - we usually talk about the weather. If I go on holiday, Aisha puts my bins out for me. When Helen and Claire go away, I feed their goldfish and look after their cats. Piotr lives opposite me at number 16. He has two small children and sometimes I babysit them for him when he works late. Pat lives at number 20. She is quite nosey and likes to know everything about everyone – she loves to gossip! Irene lives at number 19 - she is quite old and doesn’t go out much. She loves it when people drop in to see her for a cup of tea and a biscuit. She likes to talk about the old days when she was young – she can remember what Main Street was like 50 years ago. It’s a friendly neighbourhood!

Everyday conversations are an important part of life in the UK. Do you talk to the other people in your neighbourhood? Watch the video, which focuses on people living in a typical neighbourhood in the UK. Practise your speaking skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - word stress

In natural, spoken English, we don’t say each word with the same word stress.

For example:

neighbourhood     Ooo

weather                Oo

thirteen                 oO

Listen to the words from the video and match them to the correct word stress pattern.

Task 3 - talking with your neighbour

Task 4 - your turn

Practise saying these things you could say to your neighbour:

  • Lovely sunny day today!
  • I’m going on holiday soon. Please could you put my bins out for me?
  • Did you hear about the lady from the shop?
  • Hello, would you like a cup of tea and a biscuit?
  • We are going away for a few days. Please could you take care of our pets?
  • I’m working late tonight. Would you mind babysitting for me?
You can use your phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.