Student lifting weights


Nowadays, in our society sport is really important, because it’s a good way to maintain your body, it’s a good way to maintain your health.

Regarding sport, we have a big issue … not regarding the sportsmen but regarding their salaries. Some of them are overpaid. Why are they overpaid?

I think because we are in a system where the most important is money. Then if you are able to influence people; if you are able to impact the economy; if you are able to attract people, your salary will be … your salary will be really high.

That mean(s) … footballers, we know that they are not really essential for the society but, because they are able to attract people they receive good money for that.

(For) example, Thierry Henry who is a footballer, when people know that he’s going to play at Arsenal, they are going to invest money; they are going to buy tickets; they are going to buy t-shirt(s) and because of all of that, Thierry Henry has a good salary.

It doesn’t mean that Thierry Henry is not a good athlete, but it means his value is really … his value … depends on what he can bring to the society.

These activities will help you prepare for ESOL speaking examinations and give short, informal presentations. In this activity an ESOL learner, Kelly, talks about sports.


Task 1 - useful vocabulary

Here are some words and expressions that might be useful when you are talking about this topic. 

Task 2 - record yourself

Now prepare your talk.  Remember, it needs to be two minutes long, and the topic is:

“Sports personalities are paid far too much”

Think about what you would like to say, and try to use some of the expressions from the last activity.  

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. 

Listen to yourself and think about the following questions:

  • How did you start your presentation? Did you say what you were going to talk about?  ‘I am going to talk about’ or ‘My topic is’
  • Was your pronunciation OK?  
  • Did you keep to the same tense, which is good, or did you move between present and past tense?  
  • Do you think your arguments were logical? 
  • How did you end your talk? Did you summarise (a good strategy if you have run out of things to say)?

If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.