Directions from the Town Hall to the hotel (wedding reception).

Come out of the car park and turn right into Green Street.

Go along Green Street for about a mile until you reach the roundabout.

Go over the roundabout (second exit) and keep going straight ahead until you arrive at the second set of traffic lights.

Turn left into Rowley Road and keep going for about 2 miles. You will go under a bridge and past a pub on your right called ‘The Old Manor’.

When you arrive at the crossroads, turn right into Primrose Lane.

Go past the swimming pool and the playground, and take your third right into Junction Road (be careful as there are speed bumps along here – don’t go above 20mph).

Finally, take your second right into Bluebell Walk. The hotel is at the end of the road – it’s on the corner, opposite the old school.

Reading aloud is shown to improve confidence and understanding. These activities have been designed to help you practise your reading and speaking skills in an authentic way. You will focus on the language used and different aspects of pronunciation. 

Jane has received an invitation to a wedding and some directions to explain how to get from the town hall (wedding venue) to the hotel where the reception is. 


Task 1 - find the missing word

In this activity, you will focus on words which sound natural together when giving directions. For example, we say ‘at the end of the road’, not ‘in the end of the road’.

Task 2 - building sentences

Task 3 - giving directions

Read Jane’s directions aloud to a friend and ask them to mark the route on the blank map.

You can check that they have marked the correct route by comparing their map with the completed map.

  • Did you give good, clear directions?

Your turn

How about having a go at giving your own directions?

Think of two places you are familiar with. Write down the directions from one place to another and read them aloud, paying particular attention to linking sounds. You could get a friend to mark the route on a map.

Listening to yourself speaking aloud can really help improve your pronunciation. It allows you to notice how you really speak so that you can identify your individual strengths and weaknesses.

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve you can record yourself again.