Student on a building site.


This is a picture of three car mechanics. They’re standing in front of a car and you can see part of an engine in front of them. 

The man on the left is older than the other two men. The two younger men look as if they are in their late teens or early twenties. The young man on the right with red hair is pointing at the engine and the man in the middle is writing on a clipboard. All three of the men are wearing the same type of clothes so it’s probably a uniform.

The older man is speaking.  He looks as if he’s instructing the younger men how to do something to the car’s engine so he’s probably more experienced than the younger men. He’s probably their boss and the two younger men are apprentices. Apprentices are young people who learn how to do a job while working. Apprentices usually work more days than they study at college. 

I think this workshop is unusual because it’s modern and is cleaner than most car mechanic workshops. The men’s clothes are much cleaner than normal: most mechanics’ uniforms and hands are covered in oil from working with engines. 

Listen to someone describing an image of people at work.


Task 1 - matching

Task 2 - comparatives

Task 3 - phrases for describing a picture

Task 4 - your turn

Now use the language you have practised to describe a photo you have  of a different group of people at work. You could use:

  • this is a picture of...
  • you can see...
  • he / she / they’re probably...
  • he / she/ it looks as if...
  • I think this..... because...
You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.