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Read Katie's email then do the exercises to improve your writing skills.




Subject: Hi!

Hi! How are you?

My name's Katie and I'm 12 years old. I 'm from Valletta in Malta. I speak Maltease (the laguage of Malta) and English. I like swimming, playing football and listening to music. I've got a pet dog, Max.

Do you want to be my friend? Please write soon?

Best wishes



Top Tips for writing

1. Use an excalmation mark ! at the end of an exclamation or after surprising information.

2. Use a capital letter to start a sentence.

3. Use a comma , in a list.

4. Use a full stop . to end a sentence.

5. Use a question mark ? at the end of a question.



Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - error correction

Task 3 - ordering