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What can you do to stop burglars from coming into your home? In this activity you will read some tips about how to prevent burglary in your home.

Preventing burglary in your home

  • What can you do to stop burglars from getting in to your home? 

Here is some useful advice:

Doors and windows

Make sure your front door and door frame (the part around the door) are strong and have good quality locks.You should also have locks on your windows, especially windows on the ground floor, or where a burglar could easily get in.Always lock your doors and windows when yougo out or go away.Don’t leave door and window keys in or near the doors and windows. Burglars sometimes use a fishing rod to get the keys.Do not leave valuable items such as money or jewellery where a burglar could see them. Hide them away in a safe place.If someone knocks at your door, and you don’t know the person, always ask them for ID.

Going out or going away

If you go out for the evening, close the curtains in your living room and leave the light on. Then the burglar will think there is someone at home.If you go away for a longer time you should think about getting a timer for your living room lights. You can time it to switch the lights on in the evening and switch them off at the time when you normally go to bed. You can ask a neighbour or friend to open the curtains in the daytime and close them in the evening.If you are going away for a longer time you can also leave valuable items at your friend’s house.Ask a neighbour or friend to pick up post or other things that are delivered to your home. If burglars see a lot of parcels or post inside or outside your door they will know you are away and that it is a good time to try to burgle your home.

Other things you can do

If you know there have been a lot of burglaries in your area it might be a good idea to get a burglar alarm.Use a special pen (a UV pen) to mark your valuable items with your postcode, house number and the first two letters of your name. This will make it more difficult for the burglar to sell your things to someone else. You can also register your property with This is free, and it will help the police to identify your things if they find them. It will also help if you need to get the money back on your insurance.Try to get to know your neighbours. Keep an eye on their home when they go away, and they will keep an eye on yours. See if there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area,(A group of people in an area look out for each other’s property).


Task 1 - tips for preventing burglary

Task 2 - why?

Task 3 - words that go together

It’s very important to understand how words are often used together, for example: switch on the light, close the curtains.  There are many sentences like this in the leaflet. 

When you finish underline the words in the leaflet (if you can print it) and write the sentences in your notebook.