Fruit salad on skewers.


Task 3 - listening

Last week, my family and I filled out a food diary. We wanted to keep track of what we were eating and it’s so difficult to do that when you have a busy life. Each day, we made a note of what we ate and at the end of the week, we could see what we ate in a typical day.

Yesterday, for instance, for breakfast, I had two slices of toast with butter and jam and a cup of tea with milk and sugar. My husband, Adam, had 2 sausages, 1 fried egg, 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices of toast, a spoonful of baked beans and a cup of coffee. Kamal, our son, had a bowl of porridge and a banana.

We always have a morning snack because we get hungry at about 11 o’clock. Yesterday, I had a cup of tea –again, with milk and sugar – and two chocolate biscuits. Adam had a packet of crisps and a can of coke, and Kamal had a glass of water and a raw carrot.

For lunch, I had a ham salad, a glass of orange juice and a yoghurt. Adam had a burger with chips, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water. Kamal had his lunch at school – I gave him a ham sandwich, an apple, an orange, a yoghurt and a bottle of water.

In the evening, we ate dinner as a family and we all had roast chicken and vegetables. For dessert, I had a chocolate pudding and Kamal had fruit salad - Adam had both! Kamal and Adam had a glass of water, but I had one more cup of tea – with milk and sugar, of course!

Many people find it hard to eat a balanced diet and discover that writing a food diary is a useful way to keep them on track. Learn more about writing a food diary and improve your English skills as you complete the activities. There is also a food diary for you to download and fill in.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - vocabulary

Task 3 - listening

Task 4 - your turn

Download the food diary and fill it in for one week. 
Make sure you also look at the Food Diary Review to check you are getting the Recommended Daily Allowances of foods.  
You can download more copies of the food diary for you to fill in and check each week. 
Encourage your children, family and friends to fill in the food diary, too. 
Give each other praise for good eating habits and support with bad eating habits!