Three women having a conversation.


Once upon a time, there were three sisters, Abigail, Hannah and Chloe, who fought with each other all the time.

One day, their mother decided she’d had enough of their quarrelling. She took the girls to see their grandma, who they loved very much. While her daughters were playing outside, she told Grandma the problem. Grandma explained to the children that it is better to get along with each other than to fight all the time. The girls promised that they would try, but, after a couple of days, they went back to their old tricks.

The sisters all went to the same school. One day, at playtime, a couple of girls were picking on Abigail for being short. Some of Hannah and Chloe’s friends saw what was going on. They found Abigail’s sisters and told them what they’d seen. Immediately, they went to Abigail’s rescue.

Who could have imagined that three sisters that fought so much amongst themselves could be so supportive of each other in their time of need? After this day, they all got along fine. 

This is a story of three little sisters who were always arguing with each other. It was written by a learner called Tahira and tells of how the children learned the importance of supporting each other at a time of need. 


Task 1 - vocabulary

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - summary