Topic: Favourite British foods

Time: 60 minutes +


  • To develop students’ awareness of British Food.
  • To expand students’ knowledge of vocabulary and pronunciation in the context of food.
  • To provide listening and reading practice in the context of food.
  • To develop students’ ability to discuss likes and dislikes using correct grammar for negatives and third person, with reasons.


Prepare to the display the video called ‘What is your favourite British food’.

In this video students are talking about British foods they like and don’t like.

You will need:

All the following resources are in the document called ‘Worksheets for learners’.

Resource A – 1 copy per group of 3-4

Resource B – 1 copy per student

Resource C and D – 1 copy of C per student (also 1 copy of D for less literate students)

Resource E – 1 copy per student

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