An overview of the 8 Entry level 3 ESOL learner materials. Included teaching strategies and curriculum coverage.

The supplementary materials are a series of reference sheets designed to support and clarify some of the language and skills objectives addressed in the ESOL Skills for Life Entry 3 learner materials. They are available for the teacher to download and distribute to the learner as required.

The tools can be adapted to help learners with: the past continuous, reporting what someone said, relative pronouns, asking indirect questions, giving advice (should), using ‘will’ for future arrangements, adjectives and superlatives, past habits (used to do), degrees of future possibility (may, might + possibly, probably, certainly), phrasal verbs, zero conditional sentences, the present perfect with ‘for’ and ‘since’, the present perfect and the past simple, reading skills, listening skills, speaking (stress and intonation), spelling strategies, vocabulary, learning new words.