Accommodation aims to give beginner ESOL learners the language and skills they need to access and talk about housing.

This teacher’s pack consists of teacher’s notes and classroom resources.

The pack provides a minimum of 9 hours of learning through a series of three linked units.  Each unit has two 90 minute lessons which can each be used as a standalone.  Extension activities are suggested giving learners further practice and for use in follow-up sessions.

The resource is suitable for community ESOL and ESOL delivered in adult learning or FE.  Internet access and projection equipment is not needed, although a data projector would be an advantage.

Level: Entry 1 / National 2 in Scotland / CEFR A1

The materials have been differentiated so that they are accessible to pre-Entry 1 learners through to emerging E2 learners.


The three units are:

Unit 1: Moving home

  • Lesson 1: Finding a new home introduces the vocabulary for different types of accommodation and practises reading and writing skills in the context of reading adverts for houses and completing a tenancy application form.
  • Lesson 2: Looking around a new home introduces vocabulary for rooms and furniture and develops learners’ listening skills in the context of listening to an estate agent showing a tenant around a property.

Unit 2: Where do you live?

  • Lesson 1: Where do you live? focuses on learners’ own accommodation, practising the names for different kinds of housing, and writing addresses.
  • Lesson 2: Writing about where you live develops reading and writing skills through the context of reading and writing an email about a new home.

Unit 3: Problems in the home                 

  • Lesson 1: Problems in the home deals with the language needed to report a repair.
  • Lesson 2: Problems renting practises reading skills in the context of finding solutions to common tenants’ problems.