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Study skills aims to give beginner ESOL learners an introduction to study skills and language learning techniques, particularly time management, learning vocabulary and practising spelling.  The activities are ideal for the beginning of a learning programme and the low level of some of the activities reflects this.  The lessons can of course be taught at any time, in which case some of the more basic activities could be omitted.

This teacher’s pack consists of teacher’s notes and classroom resources.

The pack provides 9-12 hours of learning through a series of 5 90-minute lessons, which can each be used as a standalone, and extension activities which give learners further practice and consolidation.  Lesson 4 includes a bank of spelling and vocabulary activities which can be used at any time with any topic.

The resource is suitable for community ESOL and ESOL delivered in adult learning or FE.  Internet access and projection equipment is not needed, although a data projector would be an advantage.

Level: Entry 1 / National 2 in Scotland / CEFR A1

The materials have been differentiated so that they are accessible to pre-Entry 1 learners through to emerging E2 learners.


The five lessons in Study skills are:

  • Lesson 1: Things you need for your English class introduces the names of stationery items and gives learners the opportunity to practise saying what they have and haven’t got.
  • Lesson 2: What is a good language learner? introduces common language learning techniques and gives learners the opportunity to reflect on and discuss how they have learnt other languages and what they can do to learn English most effectively.
  • Lesson 3: Organising your time introduces time management and gives learners practice in reading a diary and organising their own time with a diary.
  • Lesson 4: Learning new words deals with strategies for learning new words and practising spelling, giving learners the opportunity to share techniques they already use and try new ones.
  • Lesson 5: Introduction to reading strategies introduces the names of different text types and the different ways we read different texts and encourages learners to start reading for pleasure.

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