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This teachers’ pack teaches the English language needed for managing money and for buying and ordering essential items while in prison.  

Level: Entry level 1-3 / Scottish National 2 –  4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Unit 1 - Buying things in prison

This unit helps learners to select and buy things from catalogues with their private money. It builds clothing-related vocabulary; provides some practical form filling and letter writing practice with a focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Unit 2 - Managing my money

Learners are introduced to vocabulary related to money and budgeting in the context of earning, spending and saving whilst in prison; they also create a simple budget.

Unit 3 - Canteen sheet

The vocabulary focus of the activities in this unit is based on a sample canteen sheet from a prison in the UK. You can use the canteen sheet at your establishment as learners will be more familiar with the version they use regularly.

Structure, learning hours and delivery context

  • The resources developed for each unit may be used independently or in sequence as a mini course.
  • They take a whole language approach while focusing on making key language related to buying understandable in a prison context.
  • Timings are flexible: learners can work at their own pace; teachers can adapt the resource to suit their learners, break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required. 
  • The resource is suitable for male and female offenders learning ESOL in prisons.