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This teachers’ pack teaches the English language needed for understanding the legal system, making appeals and complaining in a polite way while in prison.  

Level: Entry level 1-3 / Scottish Access 2 – National 4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Also differentiation for lower and higher levels.

Structure, learning hours and delivery context

The resource is divided into 3 units:

Unit 1 Asking for help

This unit focuses on asking for help in prison with a particular focus on the legal context. It aims to give learners the language they need to understand the legal system particularly in terms of appeals. As most prisoners no longer have access to legal aid, learners will learn how to ask for help from their solicitors, but also others in the prison, for example the library, in order to understand how to form an appeal case with or without legal aid. 

Unit 2 Making complaints

This unit is designed to help learners use polite language to ask for help and make complaints in prison. They will also hear typical answers to respond to. While not covering specific legal vocabulary, it should assist learners to express their opinions, understand and exercise their rights.

Unit 3 The court system

This unit focuses on common courtroom vocabulary. There is assistance with language to do with taking a case to the small claims court.

  • The resources developed for each unit may be used independently or sequentially.
  • It takes a whole language approach but focuses on making key language related to legal matters understandable in a prison context.
  • Timings are flexible: teachers should adapt the resource to suit their learners and build in revision as required and can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required. 

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