Student using machine in woodwork class.

This lesson introduces learners to the idea of self-employment after release from prison as well as equipping them with some of the vocabulary they need to talk about the topic. It provides students with opportunities for discussion, reading and pair-work speaking.

Level: Entry 1 - 3 / National 2- 4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Time: Around 90 minutes


  • To practise discussing advantages and disadvantages
  • To develop learners’ ability to read for gist and detail
  • To develop learners’ vocabulary for talking about self-employment
  • To raise awareness of self-employment as an option after release from prison


Learners will be able to;

  • understand what ‘self-employed’ means
  • suggest two or three advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed
  • read two interviews with self-employed ex-offenders and match headings to show understanding of gist
  • read two interviews and answer questions to show understanding of detail
  • understand some vocabulary useful when talking about self-employment (differentiated)
  • suggest qualities and skills useful for self-employment.