Two adult students in class.

This resource addresses women’s health in prisons by helping learners to talk about looking after their health and feeling unwell, introducing the healthcare service in prison and focusing on the benefits of exercise and introduces language to talk about maintaining health and wellbeing.

Level:  Entry level 1-3 / Scottish Access 2 – National 4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Unit 1 My body

This resource has been specially designed for women in prison and focuses on important health issues.  It includes information and language activities to address taking care of your body both in and out of prison.  As well as speaking and listening, grammar, reading and writing support, the unit addresses personal and social development.  Some issues may be culturally sensitive, nevertheless it is important to address them and give women the language and vocabulary to talk about them. 

Unit 2 Accessing healthcare

This unit involves learning vocabulary for the different healthcare services ESOL learners can access in prison, filling in an application for healthcare appointments and reading notices relating to healthcare services found in and around the nurse’s room or medical unit.

Unit 3 Healthy lifestyle

This unit involves discussion and reading around the topic of healthy living. It focuses on language for giving advice and provides opportunity for writing some advice for new prisoners.

Structure, learning hours and delivery context

  • This teachers’ pack is divided into 3 units summarised above. Each unit comprises teachers’ notes describing activities and providing guidelines for delivery and resources that include activities for individual, pair and small group work.
  • The resources developed for each unit may be used independently or together with the self-access workbook ‘Healthcare in prison’.
  • It takes a whole language approach but focuses on making key language related to healthcare understandable in a prison context.
  • Timings are flexible since learners can work through at their own pace, teachers can adapt the resource to suit their learners and build in revision as required and can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required.