A woman in class.

This teachers’ pack includes speaking and listening, writing and vocabulary activities centred on the topic of jobs and studying in prison. The whole pack consists of three units - Working in prison, Studying in prison, and Behaviour in the workplace. In various activities, learners will have the opportunity to talk about jobs they do in prison, or would like to do. They will ask and answer questions to find out about each other’s current and previous jobs. Activities incorporate speaking, listening and writing.

Level: Entry level 1-3 / National 2 – National 4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Time: 100 minutes


  • discuss and ask questions about prison jobs
  • fill in an application for a change of employment
  • understand vocabulary connected to prison employment
  • to describe duties


Pre-entry learners will be able to:

  • say a simple sentence describing their job type
  • express job preferences
  • fill in part of a prison application form for change of employment with key information (name, number, wing and cell)
  • understand 5 common phrases connected to a common prison job

Entry level learners will be able to:

  • name 8 types of employment commonly found in prisons
  • discuss the good and bad points of a number of jobs
  • ask a friend at least 5 questions relating to jobs
  • understand and answer 5 questions relating to jobs
  • complete a prison application form for a change of employment
  • demonstrate understanding of vocabulary connected to 4 common prison jobs
  • describe the duties of at least 4 prison jobs