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This resource helps low level learners to learn vocabulary and read a simple text about the fire safety checks you should make before you go to bed.


Fire safety in the home comprises a set of five units:

These units aim to support learners in developing the language, knowledge and understanding to:

  • recognise common causes of fires
  • make their homes as safe as possible
  • know what action to take if there is a fire and use 999 to call for the fire service if necessary.

Time: approximately 1.5 hours

Learning hours and delivery context:  

The five Fire safety in the home units provide a minimum of 7.5 hours of learning in a classroom context.  These units can be used independently or as one linked topic over four or more sessions.  If you are going to use more than unit, use them in the order provided. Timings are flexible and teachers can break the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in differentiation, revision and extension activities as required. 

The resource is suitable for use in a wide range of adult ESOL learning contexts including community ESOL and FE. Additionally, the teacher notes provide suggestions on how practitioners can develop further linked learning (such as developing and working with learner-produced texts) and build links with the local fire service to further develop and support learners’ skills, knowledge and confidence.


  • To support learners in developing the language, knowledge and understanding to make effective bedtime safety checks in their homes

Plan components

  • Teachers' notes
  • Worksheets for learners

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