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ESOL for Refugees: resources for new arrivals

These resources aim to help ESOL practitioners better meet the early integration needs of refugees who are New to ESOL i.e. working below, or at the very beginning of, Entry Level 1.  They were commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation and the Home Office, and developed by Learning and Work Institute and Learning Unlimited.

The resources developed consist of: 

  • Guidance to support practitioners with the approaches underpinning the resources, linking to the New to ESOL guidance and resources  
  • 12 units of teaching and learning materials, based around a simple dialogue in a relevant early integration scenario, each intended to support around six hours of delivery 
  • A screening tool, to help identify learners who are New to ESOL, and who may benefit from additional early integration language support 
  • Learner profiles, illustrating the early integration needs and longer-term learning and work aspirations of refugees.

Guidance Documents

Guidance for teachers

Teaching Materials

Unit 1: Hello

Unit 2: A community class

Unit 3: Family and friends

Unit 4: Public transport

Unit 5: Health and safety

Unit 6: 999

Unit 7: Dentist

Unit 8: Shopping

Unit 9: Schools

Unit 10: Library

Unit 11: Applying for a course

Unit 12: Giving information about yourself

Units 1 – 12: Complete set

Audio resources

Each teaching unit is based around a simple dialogue.  It’s recommended that teachers record their own versions of these dialogues to make them relevant to learners, for example by using local place names and speakers with local accents.  Tips on making simple audio resources are provided in the Guidance for teachers document.  

The audio resources here are examples of recorded dialogues for a selection of the units, made by ESOL teachers and learners.  These recordings are not professionally produced, but are included here to demonstrate what can be achieved with minimal equipment, such as the voice recorder app on a smartphone.

Unit 7: Audio Examples

Unit 8: Audio Examples

Unit 9: Audio Examples

Unit 11: Audio Examples

Screening Tool

Screening Tool

Learner Profiles