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This section collects together the most important ESOL research on the Excellence Gateway, in particular summaries from the LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13. It also includes other relevant studies and reports.  The external links page has more links to relevant research. 

LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: ESOL to Functional Skills - breaking down the fear for teachers

LSIS Research Development Fellowship (RDF) projects 2012-2013: ESOL: the Net Generation - Exploring the impact of digital media on young ESOL learners

Developing ICT skills to benefit ESOL learning

LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Closing your own gap - ESOL speaking self-assessment built upon Clarke’s method

LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Bringing formative assessment to life - using video to give feedback on ESOL learners’ writing

LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Close encounters of the human kind - Using reading circles to engage and motivate L1 ESOL learners to achieve

LSIS Practitioner Research Programme 2012-13: Does reading and talking about reading within the context of an ESOL reading group help learners to develop their confidence?

MTC Learning, Swindon- Functional skills delivery within ESOL provision

The City Academy: Your Learning – A new approach to ESOL course design, delivery, and review in the adult learning sector

Individual learning plans posters

Using Reflect ESOL visualisation approaches THC

Using video in ESOL teaching practice

Work focused ESOL for parents (June 2011)

Shipley College: Dot to Dot ESOL partnership engagement model

Literacy and ESOL: shared and distinctive knowledge, understanding and professional practice

Working with vocational teachers (for ESOL specialists)

Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees

DEMOS report (2008): A common language - making English work for London. Duncan O’Leary

Let Refugees Learn: challenges and opportunities to improve language provision to refugees in England (2016)

FLLN Working with Bi-lingual families

ESOL Effective Practice Project: Teaching and Learning ESOL